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ALVEUS d.o.o.

ALVEUS d.o.o.

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AS2CON - Alveus Limited is a research, development and application company, providing engineering and business solutions in the marine industry. Our areas of expertise are: ship design, engineering analyses, composite materials, software development and business development of innovative marine solutions.

The main tasks in which AS2CON will participate are:

Providing the knowledge of naval architecture in the field of software development and defining relevant parameters and processes – AS2CON is experienced in marine design, analyses and design-software development

Proving user prospective on the software in terms of defining its content (parameters and functions) and its look-and-feel by considering the value it is supposed to deliver to a user – AS2CON has conducted research of user perspective of computer technologies as well as of perceptions of user in the marine industry

Supporting software commercialisation by developing a business plan and supporting dissemination activities – AS2CON has been developing and supporting development of several marine and non-marine industry technologies