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D6.1 Operational Profile and Ship Configuration

D6.1 Operational Profile and Ship Configuration


This deliverable is a report on the operational profile and ship configuration software – called Requirement Identification Tool (RIT) - that has been developed within the SHIPLYS (Ship life cycle software solutions) project.

Based on the requirements identified in WP3, the RIT software component within SHIPLYS  can define the design requirements and the operational profile of a vessel in order to support early new building design or early planning of retrofitting/ repair activities. The type of profiling data that RIT can process includes a wide range of design parameters that are used to determine design goals such as transport capacity, service speed, operating cost and many more. Such data, often specified in the tender itself, would typically feed into the early design process/ retrofitting or repair planning in a shipyard.

RIT is a customised software to support the identification and processing of requirements, usually expressed in (tender) documents, and is available in two different modes: “New Building Design Mode” and the “Retrofitting Mode”. The solution is available on standard PC hardware such as laptops and desktop PCs.

Key functionality as required within the remit of SHIPLYS has been developed and reported here. An iterative approach to software development means that there is ongoing work and there will be further work to fine-tune the available functionality in light of developments in the project.

This report is confidential, the full version of the report can be only accessed by members of the consortium (including the commission services).