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D1.1 POPD - Requirement No. 2 Ethics Available Confidential
D2.1 A report on selected scenarios and the rationale for such selection Available Public
D2.2 A report on business case and ROI Available Public
D3.1 Existing prototyping models and approaches in shipping and other industry sectors Available Public
D3.2 A report on SHIPLYS model and data requirements Available Public
D3.3 A report on requirements for the integration of SHIPLYS tools and compatibility with existing tools Available Public
D4.1 SHIPLYS data analyses and management Available Confidential
D4.2 A report on assessing data quality and its criticality in assessments Available Public
D4.3 SHIPLYS databases and libraries software and report Available Confidential
D5.1 SHIPLYS LCCA and environmental assessment software module  Available  Confidential
D5.2 SHIPLYS risk assessment software module  Available  Confidential
D5.3 SHIPLYS multi- criteria decision support software module  Available Confidential
D6.1 Software deliverable: Operational Profile and Ship Configuration Available Confidential
D6.2 Software deliverable: Rapid Prototyping Available Confidential
D6.3 Software deliverable: Production Analysis and Planning tools Available Confidential
D6.4 Overview of SHIPLYS rapid virtual design and production process prototyping functionality Available Public
D7.1 Software deliverable: Ship Design Workflow controller Available  Confidential
D7.2 SHIPLYS generic software with user instructions Available Confidential
D8.1 Report on verification of results Available  Confidential
D8.2 SHIPLYS good practice guide Available  Public
D9.1 SHIPLYS dissemination strategy Available Public
D9.2 SHIPLYS dissemination activities carried out Available  Public
D9.3 SHIPLYS Intellectual Property protection strategy Available Public
D9.4 Initial exploitation and business plan Available Public
D9.5 Final exploitation and business plan Available Public
D9.6 Training strategy Available Public
D9.7 SHIPLYS software and its functionality in relation to existing standards and potential for inputs to future standards Available  Public
D10.1 Project Management plan Available Confidential