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D10.1 Project Management plan

D10.1 Project Management plan

Executive summary

This document describes the project management plans for the SHIPLYS project. It provides information on the approaches to be used for the smooth running of the project. It has been created to support the consortium in effectively collaborating with each other and in respecting their commitments to the project. 

In this sense, this document complements key documents that include the EC Grant Agreement and its annexes, the Consortium Agreement and the various EC guidelines, which, in case of conflict or uncertainty, supersede this document. Nothing stated in this report detracts from or adds to the scope of work as contracted.

Matters relating to Dissemination/ Exploitation and Intellectual Property are not covered in this report in detail as they form separate deliverables in their own right.

This report is confidential, the full version of the report can be only accessed by members of the consortium (including the commission services).