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D2.2 A report on business case and ROI

D2.2 A report on business case and ROI

Executive summary


This deliverable presents the work progress in Task 2.3 Setup templates for the business case and ROI analyses. The business case presented here for the development of SHIPLYS functionality in response to end-users’ requirement is determined by a formal procedure using Quality Function Deployment (QFD). The QFD process is used to consolidate and prioritise the technical characteristics to be developed in the SHIPLYS suite of software.

Aims and Objectives

In accordance with the project’s DoW, the objectives of Task 2.3 are to outline the needs and constraints of the SHIPLYS end-users, the ROI expectations and the stage gate processes for the demonstration of commercial targets. The overarching aim of this deliverable is to identify priorities in the development of the technical features of the SHIPLYS software so that its value, from the perspective of the end-users, is maximised. 

Summary of the results

The methodology used is Quality Function Deployment process. The results show which users’ requirement are relevant for the users and what their level of importance is. Thereafter, 22 technical characteristics are defined so they can satisfy users’ requirements. Through a preliminary analysis of the complexity of each characteristic’s development, the functional characteristics have been prioritised considering the importance level of the corresponding requirement. 

A template for Return on Investment (ROI) has also been presented as part of this Deliverable with a view to conducting analysis in the future when relevant data is available.

Work done in this Deliverable lays the background to other tasks within the project, particularly T9.3 on business plan and exploitation.  

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