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D5.3 SHIPLYS multi- criteria decision support software module

D5.2 SHIPLYS Risk assessment software module



This report is the deliverable summarising the work carried out within Task 5.4: Development of a multi-criteria decision support tool to support identification of optimal solutions. The outcomes from this task include the development of SHIPLYS MCDA approach and the software developed to implement it. In the following sections of this report, these outcomes are described in detail.


  • Develop models for multi-criteria decision making that can compare different design/ maintenance/ retrofitting strategies for ships from a through life perspective by quantifying its performance in terms of life cycle cost, environmental impact and risk assessment.
  • Develop prototype tool to implement this model


The development of SHIPLYS MCDA tool follows the general decision making process. Two different models have been developed by UStrath and TWI. The concept of UStrath’s model is to convert the impact levels of each criterion into monetary values in order to allow for direct comparison. The combination of all monetary values converted from the individual impacts finally represents the overall cost of a proposed design or product. In TWI‘s MCDA tool, the impact levels of each criterion can be presented in any format and evaluated using various MCDA models. These models include MAVT, AHP, and various models from Outranking family.

Summary of the results

As the outcome from T5.3, two alternative MCDA algorithms have been implemented by UStrath and TWI. This also includes development of prototyping software to implement such algorithms. The detailed assessment process and software demonstration has been explained in this report.

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