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D6.2 Rapid Prototyping

D6.2 Rapid Prototyping

Executive summary


This deliverable summarises the work carried out as part of Task 6.2 Development of Rapid Prototyping Tools within the SHIPLYS Project.


As part of Task 6.2, rapid prototyping tools have been developed to help automate the model generation activities for design in the areas of hull form definition, compartmentation, general arrangement, structural configuration, work breakdown, equipment and systems definition. The focus has been on tools compatible with the selected ship design tools, which are used to carry out detailed analysis steps based on the prototype models, effectively establishing a simulation workflow. The input to the rapid prototyping comes from descriptive documents such as specifications or tender documents.

Aims and Objectives

  • ·Development of actual software components that implement the rapid prototyping functions ready for system integration
  • ·Description of the delivery content and the main interfaces and dependencies of the software


The development of the rapid prototyping tools was taken forward within the task by:

  • ·Evaluating existing software that could be used without any modifications
  • ·Evaluating existing software that could be enhanced to provide the required output
  • ·Developing individual tools or add-ons that would complement and help integrate all results

Summary of the results

A brief description of all the tools/software is given in this report. This not only includes general features but also how they interconnect with other software and with the general SHIPLYS platform itself. Future developments that could improve functionality and estimation of results are also recommended.  

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