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D6.3 Production Analysis and Planning Tools

D6.3 Production Analysis and Planning Tools


This document describes the functionality and content of the software deliverables provided by newly developed tools as well as enhancements to existing tools and components as applied to production related early design activities. Key functionality is to allow rapid production simulation to verify ongoing production programme versus planned and to determine material flow, resource requirements, hot-spot and risk identification.

An important goal of SHIPLYS is to enable more extensive analysis of various aspects of new designs as well as providing similar capabilities for design and planning in retrofitting use cases.

The main difference between new building and retrofitting projects is that the design information of a ship and especially the derived interim product structure often do not necessarily apply to repair and retrofitting works. In case of new building projects, the interim product structure is essential which is used to determine the starting and end dates of each subassembly using backward scheduling. Nevertheless, for retrofitting and repair tasks, the durations may depend on the dimensions of components (e.g. consider surface of a component to be painted) and therefore the relevant components of the interim product structure are required in order to determine the related work content more precisely.

Furthermore, based on the derived interim product structure from design data, the related material requirements have to be derived (e.g. raw plates). Derived material requirements imply further related tasks (e.g. burning parts) and delivery dates to be considered in order to provide more precise schedule. Once a schedule is available it can be optimized and/or simulated considering cost issues relevant for LCCA.

Since the derivation of interim product structure from ship design data is already described in D6.2, only further functionalities are described in this deliverable.

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