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D8.1 Report on verification of results

D8.1 Report on verification of results



This deliverable is a report summarising the work carried out within Tasks 8.1 “Testing, demonstration and incorporating feedback” and 8.2 “Verification of results against case study scenarios”. The outcomes from these two tasks include the documentation related to the testing and verification of each tool comprising the SHIPLYS platform, together with their integration.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this document is to present the verification procedure of both the various tools developed within the SHIPLYS project and the platform developed to integrate all these tools to a versatile, effective and operational system, the SHIPLYS platform. Testing and verification of both the individual software and the integrated SHIPLYS tool is performed on the basis of either the scenarios selected and studied within the project, or specific test case studies. The testing has been carried out by personnel not directly involved in software development so that this important activity is conducted with an independent and fresh perspective.

Summary of the results

The results of the SHIPLYS platform were successfully compared to corresponding data, either found in the literature or provided by the participating shipyards or produced by other, corresponding external, well-established, commercial software. It should be noted that such a comparison was not possible for all software modules comprising the SHIPLYS platform since some of these modules are quite innovative, and there was not any independent results available to compare to. Moreover, some other modules (i.e. LR RULESCALC and SEASAFE) that are well-known and broadly accepted were not verified within the project as they are deemed to have undergone the process of verification during their route to market.

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