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D8.2 SHIPLYS Good Practice Guide

D8.2 SHIPLYS Good Practice Guide


This report presents the outcome of the work under the remit of ‘WP8 - Testing, demonstration, verification’ of the SHIPLYS Platform and associated suite of software (SHIPLYS Applications) for different ship design applications (SHIPLYS scenarios) in terms of ‘a set of SHIPLYS Good Practice Guidelines’ under sub task 8.3.

These guidelines are aimed to support the different stakeholders including ship designers, shipyard operators, ship owners, operation and maintenance professionals, repairers, classification bodies, researchers and consultants in the application of the SHIPLYS platform to other software developed to meet their respective ship design requirements. This is achieved by considering their perspectives and demonstrating the application of SHIPLYS platform to different design scenarios.

The document includes guidance on how circular economy can be improved using the approaches developed within SHIPLYS project. The potential for reduction in lifecycle and energy costs using the SHIPLYS tools is also addressed in this report.

Download the full version of the report.