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The Fundacion Centro Tecnologico Soermar was established in 2002. The foundation goal is the find new joint action lines in technical and technological activities in order to improve small and medium sized Spanish private shipyards in competitiveness. A total of 21 shipyards form the Foundation.

The foundational purposes are based on 3 core activities:-

  • Carrying out Research, technological developments and innovations projects;
  • Supporting the shipyards in various working areas: quality, organisation, training, design, environmental issues, regulations and all other actions in which SOERMAR has the capacity to collaborate.
  • Enhancing all the actions that help to improve the shipyards competitiveness through an increase of the efficiency of the industrial activities.

SOERMAR works together with the Shipyards on R&D&I projects that improve and broad their own product catalogue, applying the technological advances that allow them to consolidate and gain access to new niche markets and industrial sectors like the design and building of prototypes related to marine renewable energies.

SOERMAR has been involved, acting in his own name and on behalf of shipyards in R&D&I activities. SOERMAR’s experience in R&D&I is extensive and includes: Experimental Development Projects, Applied Research Projects, Product Innovation Projects and Shipbuilding Industry Innovation Processes. In addition SOERMAR is involved in European Research programmes  as H2020, Connecting Europe Facility, PPP ‘vessels for the future’.