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D3.2 SHIPLYS model and data requirements

D3.2 SHIPLYS model and data requirements

Executive summary


The SHIPLYS project is mainly focused in the development and integration of rapid virtual prototyping tools with life cycle tools. It aims to empower European SME designers and production yards to make their own decisions on how to arrive at early stage via a life-cycle approach, at both: optimum ship design configurations and optimal retrofitting/Conversion.

A crucial part of the SHIPLYS approach will be the definition and modelling of a set of three case study scenarios, representing different needs across the European SME shipbuilding community. The scenarios will serve one important purpose on this task, as they will promote a high level of discussion around the important issues and information requirements across different workforces, which we will be used to gain strong insights into developing the optimal data structure and user interfaces for the models.

Aims and Objectives

In this deliverable, we will define algorithms for model and data required for initial product design and the corresponding production processes involved in the context of the SHIPLYS case study scenarios. In parallel, the requirement (algorithms and type of data) for the implementation of life cycle approaches will be determined.


Special technical meetings were organised among relevant project partners to determine the functionality required from the models to meet SHIPLYS objectives. Technology providers within the Consortium provided potential solutions (algorithms) to satisfy the functionality required. The three SHIPLYS Scenarios were used to direct the development of solutions.  Where applicable, shipyards present in the SHIPLYS Consortium provided feedback as to the practicality of the solutions proposed.

Cognisance has been taken of existing models and approaches such as the ISO10303 Application Activity Model of ship life cycle to determine data requirements.

Summary of the results

This document describes the requirements for models and data necessary for product design, production process, and life cycle approaches. The algorithms/ solutions developed will be presented as a series of papers at the IMAM 2017 conference.


This report presents algorithms for models and types of data required for SHIPLYS prototyping and life cycle approach. The requirements will be reviewed from time to time in light of developments in the project.

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